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2012 – More Teachers

A greater drive will take place amongst the young people to get trained as teachers and educators. For quite some time this was an area not a lot of young people were interested in. But a new generation is rising up that has a vision for this field. Some will study in another field and then decide to go into teaching. The government will create incentives in 2012 to encourage students to study teaching.

The community will get more involved in education. Private individuals might even be invited to be guest lectures at schools to bring an extra dimension to the education children get at school.

A new relationship is going to develop between the secondary and the tertiary education systems. Universities might adopt a school to help the school to prepare the pupils for university and bridge the wide gap between the school and university standards. Some university lecturers might become involved in the teaching at the schools (e.g. training teachers and assisting in teaching). This will be a good model that is pioneered. All of this will take place in partnership with business.

A new concept is going to grow in South Africa: School campuses in main city centers. There is already someone that has a vision for this. This will be a private initiative that teams up with the education department. This new concept seems like a combination of a  private school combined with a public school integrated with business interests. The ‘trial run’ for this model might start up in Johannesburg. This model has the potential to spread to all the main centers in South Africa and become highly successful. The campuses will have dormitories, sports facilities and class facilities. Home schooled children will be able to come from outside and take part in certain classes or sports activities. These campuses will have the ability to integrate different school models into one facility. Campuses will cater mainly for the higher grade school years. The way it will be structured and run will be gleaned from university models. It will be of a high standard. People will come from everywhere to put their children into these training facilities. Universities will be eager to take in pupils from these institutions as they are well educated and prepared for a successful tertiary education.