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2012 – Finance

God is using this financial crunch to His advantage. He is trimming the finances of the church so that they can’t expand where He has not told them to expand and they can’t send someone that He is not sending. A sifting is happening between the true and the false.  Many leaders have positioned themselves within the structured church as the pastor when they should actually be missionaries or bible school leaders. They should not be the pastor of a church “managing” the church and finances. They will be repositioned with more accuracy to fulfill their calling.

The Lord is going to address specific issues where resources are being wasted. Government regulations will also become stricter with regard to how money is spent in such a structure. The church needs a lot of wisdom so that there will not be wastefulness. The church structure and the flow of the finances in the church will become leaner. It will become more streamlined and responsive. There will be a greater flexibility as to where money is spent and where it comes from.

Church is going to start working together and share resources.  Rural congregations will start to receive the training that is generally available only to the big city churches. A changing of strategies will occur in 2012.  Many churches will start Internet radio stations.