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2014 – SA Politics

South Africa is tapering towards the end of a period of window dressing by the government. In 2014 a phase will be entered whereby things will be less sinister. We will not have to ask what the ulterior motives are. The motive behind reducing the number of provinces will not be a sinister motive to gain votes; it will be a very practical thing. We should caution the citizens not to prematurely bad mouth things that are happening, but to firstly discern what the Lord is doing. I feel there will be an increase in persons who have Godly motives in government, following the next election. Some of them are current political figures, but a number of them are waiting in the wings; it seems a slightly younger generation. I feel that it is a very slow start to a restorative process in our nation, but that does not mean that we must hold back from the mandates the Lord has given this nation in terms of Africa. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than anybody thinks and a lot of good, much more strategic planning and much more inclusiveness. This is not about political point scoring between parties. This is a broadening of what the Lord has showed about the borders and the boundaries breaking down between churches. That was a precursor of Him wanting a flow in and through the broader society and political arena. The will for unity through the joint purpose of our nation is greater than before.