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2014 – Australia – To Revisit Constitution

All is not as it seems. They act all modern and open to everything but they are not. They have many rules within themselves. They do not like homosexuals or thieves. The women must not be women but must act like men. They are a nanny state and have put restrictions on people. They have got so many rules that there is no freedom. They desire a return of this freedom that they have lost. They have entrapped themselves in their laws. They will revisit their constitution. It is going to cause a worldwide uproar. They will revisit their constitution and relax some of the very strict rules. I am unsure of the year of the original constitution, but it seems quite long ago. They will make some corrections to the rules and regulations and relax some of the very stringent, strict ones. To start a business there, requires a huge amount of red tape. It is difficult to be entrepreneurial. The founding spirit of Australia is entrepreneurial. This spirit has been crushed and squashed with their rules. They will revisit this red tape and loosen the bonds of the red tape and give people more freedom to be creative and inventive.