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2014 – Russian Influencer

Russia: I sense that there is going to be a very big change of heart towards the gospel in one of the very senior leaders in Russia. I feel the person is already struggling with the issue as he is feeling the tug of the Lord on his heart. This is due to many prayers over this leader, not only by the church in Russia, but especially by the church in America (USA). I see strong intercession in America (USA) of which few are aware. There has been a move of a core group of intercessors praying for this leader resulting in him sensing the pull toward our Lord. This will be seen as subtle changes in the way in which this very prominent leader will start doing things. God is going to use him to influence the way in which the entire Russia functions, releasing an even greater opportunity for the preaching of the Gospel. This will be so influential that it can be likened to a stack of dominoes falling, “toppling” large numbers of people.  Look for the subtle things. The Gospel will be able to enter Russia more powerfully than ever before.