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2014 – New Breed of Inspectors

There will be a new breed of inspectors: Inspectors were stopped from going into schools to do inspections but a new group is being brought out to inspect the schools. They are not going to be well received. They will be stoned and chased. The school gates will be locked. The pressure from the Education Department is going to get the breakthrough because of the need for schools to be inspected and overseen. Many people who should be out inspecting are sitting behind desks trying to just make phone calls and send e-mails. They are going to get out from behind their desks and have a visual look at what they should be inspecting. They are going to be given an increase in their salaries, risk money for what they do. That will make them inspectors out in field, it is not going to be a popular job but it is going to be worthwhile and necessary.