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2014 – Business asking Advise from Government

God is moving many things about in government departments; He will bring a split in certain departments so that more will get done. Now there will be two groups bringing about change and not just one.

People specializing in their respective fields will have a new sense of pride, so much so that the business sector will start asking advice from the government leaders – tapping into their expertise. Many in the business sector have fallen behind in their expertise since there was an expectation that government will not make it due to BEE. Since many in these BEE positions have had to work hard to make it all work, they have actually grown and sharpened their abilities. I see that in business many that have to stop slacking off and actively sharpen their tools again.

Where government wants to find new levels of favour with the people, new levels of transparency needs to be worked at. This will bring forth a new sense of patriotism which will bring solutions to the table for example the toll gate issue.

There will be some conspiring during the elections next year. I see different tick boxes on the voting forms, but in the background, they are actually connected somehow and is an attempt to fool the public.