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2012 – Hearts Redirected

God is going to raise up and draw out of men and women of God the pastoral side of them; once again He will turn their faces to the flocks and love the people. Not seeing them as numbers and someone who can plant a church or fulfill a department need, they are going to see them again as the sheep.

God is the Good Shepherd and he have raised up many shepherds but they don’t like the shepherd’s calling; they become evangelists and planters and visionaries and they have forgotten that they must just love the sheep.

God is bringing those people back to just caring for and loving the sheep, because the sheep have been neglected, very neglected. They are sitting with their heads hanging and not knowing who to turn to and who to go to.

There are a few,  there always are a remnant. What God has invested in these men and women He is not getting back. This is a time for calling up the investment; He wants interest on His loan.