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2014 – The maturing Church in SA

The South African church is at a maturing stage.  They have the ability to look at themselves in a very mature way. The same  cannot be said for large portions of the rest of the world. People need to be encouraged  more than they are corrected. The effective way is longer and relational rather than just programs. A large proportion of ministry is based on programs  acquired elsewhere instead of getting to the core of their call. What are you  called for? Why this specific community? Why plant a church in this area? What  is the specific call of this church in this area? There are trillions of callings on the earth and God has designed them in a very specific way. Huge frustration occurs because things are not going as we think they should. This
is because of our perspective. The Lord wants to bring a word of encouragement directing His people in the direction of their true call. We are effective and the job is not beyond our ability contrary to what we may believe. We entertain a spirit of fear. God designed us uniquely to fulfill our role and core design embedded in our visions and dreams without being compelled to compete with others.