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2014 – What Happens in the Dark will be Uncovered

There have been many pacts made between different Government parties and different people and also with the unions. They are regretting their pacts because they are stuck with what they have said. They are almost trapped in the unlawful covenants they made.  I see them drawing a line in the sand and saying change must come, we cannot walk together anymore. This will happen in the next year. It might be just before the election. There is going to be a blow up and some things are going to be uncovered. I see it splashed on the front pages of the papers. People will see the face of the person and gasp for air because it is such a shock. We do not expect that person to be busy with this kind of deal. What happens in the dark will be uncovered and God is going to shout it from the rooftops.

2014 – South Africa Business, trade and industry

Business, trade and industry: Mining will have another difficult time in South Africa. There needs to be a focus on investing into workers conditions. There is an unhealthy dependence on many of the mines from the extended families of mine workers. Because of the difficulties mines will still go through, many families of mine workers will have to let go of their dependence on the mine workers and find jobs for themselves. Housing improvements will start to happen in 2014 for mineworkers as well as infrastructure around compounds of mine workers. Government will have positive partnerships with mines in helping with this development. The banking industry will have a positive year in 2014. Debt will however have to be addressed amongst the public. People will struggle with their high debt and there will be many that will not be able to pay their debt in 2014. A drive to motivate South Africans to save will get traction. Unions are painting themselves into a corner with the decisions they have made. Because of their unwise past decisions they will lose favour with government and their members. This will lessen the union power considerably. There will be alot of wealing and dealing to try and get power back, but the union model is growing old and is losing its substance. A new modern union will take form and it will be started by the younger generation. This new union will be strong although it will be small in the beginning. It will grow very big in the next ten years. This new union will open the gates for new modern unions to appear in the future. They are going to be totally different from the present unions: their branding, the way they carry themselves, the way they handle negotiations. They will make the old unions look like they are archaic. Education: The education departments will be under scrutiny. There will be pressure to deliver on what was promised and fix the problems of the past years. Improvements in the educational results and statistics will start taking place from the lower grades upwards. Social issues in schools such as teen pregnancy, child abuse, violence and drugs will be in the news in 2014. There is an educational fraternity that has a heart to see the South Africa’s educational standards bettered and even placed on international standards from grade 1 up to post graduate qualifications. 2014 will be the year of ideation and strategic development to give this fraternity the power and capacity to effect the change.