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2014 – Supernatural Evangelism

I sense resurgence in the ministry of the evangelist. There will be an increase in street evangelism and people are going to have a heart for it. It is not about distributing flyers, it is street evangelism. Powerful street evangelism: there will be healings, blind people will see, the poor will get a job and things will start working out for them. The Lord wants to remind us that we should pray for evangelists to come and reignite the cities for God and bring the hordes out there to the Lord. I sense there will be unique forms of evangelism too, but it will be a display of the love, the power and care of God for people. I also feel the church needs to be supportive of these evangelists by training and releasing them. I sense many people want to hold them back until they are trained or have their degree as they feel they are not “ready” yet. It is in their immaturity and enthusiasm that miracles will be released on the street, such as the church has not seen in a long time.