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2012 – Criminal Activity

People need to be wise and they need to be vigilant. There is a sense portrayed that people can do whatever they want to in this time. There is a very small element in the nation (it was prophetically alluded to some years ago that this figure is less than 5% of the population) that will abuse this period through criminal activity.

People, therefore, need to be vigilant and see to it that they have good security systems in place. The Lord will give us very good ideas as to how to secure our places. We cannot say “Oh, the Lord will protect me” when he has given you a very practical plan of, for example, putting an electric fence around your house.

We must be obedient to these practical prompts from the Lord. 2012 will be a very strong year for the security industry. They will also reach far into sorting out their own internal problems such as the fact that their staff are often the initiators of crime.

A Grace period is opening for this contrary criminal element to be flushed out in this industry. The result of this is that the security industry will get a good name for having strong ethics and delivering a really, really good service.