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2012 – Together in Diversity

We are into about the 2 years of “window dressing”so far. There are at least another 5 years before the “window dressing” period will end and a greater clarity will come. We MUST NOT get impatient. The Lord wants us to get to the place of functioning together IN DIVERSITY. There are 2 main groups. One group has to re-acknowledge the gifting in the other group. The traditional white grouping are very agitated and pioneering and ready to go with anything. They need to learn how to translate this agitation into servanthood versus direct overt leading. They have to learn to influence and undergird other people groups in their functions. The present government(s) need to come to the realisation that there are other available talents that they need to start using otherwise the wheels of effective government and service will certainly come off. Government will be pressured and come to a place where they are forced to meet with these people with the necessary gifts and talents EVEN if it is in secret. They people they meet with will also HAVE to keep their role “under covers” and not make it public. This will not be a requirement from government, but a requirement from the Lord as He wants them to SERVE them with these gifts and abilities. They are to serve the nation and not flaunt it from podiums – this is a key. This is what Moletsi Mbeki will advocate. He is an irritation to government at present, but his present function is just to plant seeds. He has a far more balanced opinion. This ultimately has to do with the ability of the different groupings to submit one to another in service. This phase is still hidden – there are no definites to the road ahead.

We cannot separate the government and the church. When the manifestation of witchcraft starts taking place, the function of the church is to observe and keep quiet and not to go into overdrive to topple principalities and powers. The church must, however, DOUBLE it’s efforts to equip the body in this time. The witchcraft is coming to the forefront because it is manifesting in a last ditch effort to maintain it’s hold on power. Witchcraft and demons always manifest when they are on their way OUT and NOT when they are on their way in (this happens in secret). We sense that their is a void being left by this release and we panic to fill the space. We totally underestimate the fabric of the Godliness of the people of this nation. If we’re looking for things to do, then we have to do the following: EQUIP the labourers. The harvest is ready, but the labourers are few. The harvest is in a state and numerical capacity that it has NEVER been before in the history of this nation. This is a huge opportunity. We have to run that hidden road so that we can undergird the entire nation as the Church of Jesus Christ. We must prepare ourselves for a time that is going to need more and more of our attention and for that we are going to need to be supernaturally energised. This is of particular relevance to those of the Church that want to equip the saints versus those who entertain the saints. We have to get the saints inspired for their call and purposes in life. The Lord will have to show us how to function in equipping teams so that this (the equipping) can take place in a far larger capacity and to much greater degree than is presently taking place. This is an extremely important phase for us as the Church. Much evangelism has been done. The equipping will get the saints ready for their productivity and effectiveness. This equipping must take place across all boundaries – not just in the traditional Sunday church setting and especially in the market place.

There is a danger in trying to meld everyone into one people group. Each people group have very specific callings, talents and strengths and out of this diversity serving each other effectivity will come. We have to encourage accurately and not fall into the humanistic trap of everyone being “boeties” together doing as we say. We have to be very sensitive to how the different cultural groups have been brought together in one nation to function together through diversity.

2012 – Season of Revealing and Transparency

This is a season of revealing and transparency. Its going to be window dressing transparency. Government and politicians are going to be forced to address things that would not be addressed in the past but their hearts will not be in the process. They will only address it to satisfy the people because of what was exposed in public. In this season it will seem like people are repenting of their ways but it will not be genuine but because of public pressure. After this time a new season will dawn where the correct people will get into the correct positions and a true change of heart will happen. God is using this season as a season of grace for people to change. In the next season those who didn’t change their ways will be replaced by people with the correct heart and attitude, an attitude to serve. They will understand that they are servants and not bosses and they have a responsibility towards the people they serve.

There is going to be turmoil with the next election that will partly be fueled by a possible split amongst the tripartite alliance. Because of the turmoil during the elections many people will be discouraged because they try to remedy the problems and situations by choosing a leader they believe will change things but the elected leader keeps on repeating the same mistakes as the previous ones.

The older generation will not change their way of thinking but the younger generation will. At first there will be apathy amongst the younger generation. They will not be interested in politics, in belonging to parties or voting. They will not feel strong alliances with the ANC like the older generation. They will have a total different way of thinking about things than their older generation.

Since the start of the new government in 1994 there has been true servants in government with the redemptive gift of servant that work extremely hard. They don’t get noticed but they are the ones in the background, out of the limelight that do all the hard work. When politics happen and ministers and government officials get shuffled around and replaced, they are the constant. They have to go through continual change. They see all the wrong things that are going on and see the mistakes that are made from the one term of office to the next. Pray for the protection of these people’s callings and hearts. They are the remnant that will carry through to the next generation and season, the old guard. They are not people of stature and position. Their hearts are truly to serve. The only reason these people are still there is because of their servant-hearts and a calling from God that does not allow them to leave.

Julius Malema is an indication of a condition that was hidden for a long time but is coming to the fore now. There are many individuals that have the same mentality. The mentality is revealing the power hungry greedy people that have no real understanding of what they are saying. What they say doesn’t make sense because of witchcraft influences. God is using this process to show the foolishness of the influence of witchcraft. There are many people that support this foolishness because they are also under the same spiritual influence.

Many of the decisions that were made in the past was influenced by witchcraft. The witchcraft that was going on in secret and in the background is coming to the fore amongst the ruling structures and the government. It will be a last attempt to keep the old tradition of witchcraft in the decision making process. But the more the witchcraft comes to the fore, the more the younger generation will reject it as being unacceptable.  It will be the people themselves that will reject it and thus the back of it will be broken.

It is not the children of God’s mandate to try and topple the spirit of witchcraft in government. God is making a process play itself out and God will deal with it Himself. But the children of God have to prepare themselves through this process. First of all we need to guard our hearts. Secondly we must prepare ourselves to be ready to serve when God has toppled this stronghold.

The divide between the people and the government that represent them is getting bigger.   Though people protest no real change is affected. What made the ANC strong during the struggle against apartheid was their connection with the people. But the ANC has lost this connection with the people because of corruption. But God is turning the hearts of the people towards Him and thus their hearts and ways of thinking are changing. Through this changing of hearts God is preparing people that will be able to take their place in government and the political arena that will, in future represent the people again with the ideals that is in His heart. This will be seen as a reinvention and renewal of democracy in South Africa. During this season there will be ‘small’ individuals that will stand up to ‘fight’ for things they deem to be part of democracy (as what happened in the USA). They will fight to take prayer out of the schools, furthering abortion and homosexual rights. They will use this new revived democracy to try and force these things through. But the people will laugh at these attempts. These things will not get a foothold in the people of South Africa.