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2014 – The global church: Leadership changes

Leadership changes: The older generation will step out of execution and administration, more into fathering and mentoring roles. They will take up places of counsel, observing more than having control. It is time for the younger generation to take up leadership positions. God wants the younger generation to learn integrity from the older generation, but not the old way of doing things. God is instilling new understanding and wisdom in the younger generation to bring in changes in programmes. These programmes will be inclusive of all generations although the balance of influence will move to the younger generation. The method for change: A new younger generation will rise through the ranks. They will not be interested in money, power or fame but in making a difference and effecting change. Those who still want to built their own kingdoms and ministries will built their own fall. The new type of leader will blend areas of ministry, business and politics. Many of them will become effective councillors for people in influential positions. They will sit on the back of the stage supporting others instead of standing in front. God is bringing the entrepreneurial spirit into the church. Churches will help start up new ventures and creating jobs. I see the churches’ hand in the ground sowing, harvesting and feeding the people, not just spiritually but in other ways also. In this new season it is especially important for the younger generation to be exposed to the importance and significance of volunteering. This will open their eyes to new ways of functioning in their calling through ministry, business and community development. Out of this many new ventures and businesses will be birthed and started out of the church. In the same way that many of the greatest popular singers had their start in church choirs or worship teams, God will cause big businesses to be birthed out of churches and church activities that will grow and become well known organisations or businesses that will become very effective and famous. I see business courses been given by congregations.