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2014 – Fathers and the Church

Much has been said over the years about the fathering role of the church within the Church. The fathering role is more about letting go than getting control. It is actually all about letting go. There needs to be positional changes that still host fathering on a free and liberal basis. Younger people need the freedom to choose and be afforded the
opportunity to learn through their own mistakes.  Some of their wisdom will only come through their experiential knowledge. There needs to be enough space for that to be able to happen. In this handing over process there are too many people with their hands too close to the panic button. It is true that some of the ministries will look as if they are deteriorating by growing smaller because that is what the church equates with deterioration. The Lord is intensifying
certain aspects of that ministry because the ministry needs a specific flavour and only the younger guy has got it, he understands this specific flavour. I sense a younger generation that are far less interested in the numbers of people and far more interested in being effective as seen by  practically living what the Kingdom of God is all about.